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    Our international senior engineers and technical team are dedicated to using the most advanced processing equipment and technologies to manufacture custom metal parts.including multi-axis CNC machining and stamping, sheet metal forming, milling, mold design, stainless steel machining, and aluminum machining.

  2. Material Matters: Choosing the Right Metal for Your ...

    May 17, 2016 · Achieving the best results for a stamping project is always the result of carefully researching and choosing a parts optimal material fit. At Keats Manufacturing Co., we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products, from common steel components to custom crafted specialized alloy parts.

  3. Die Basics 101: Metals used in stamping (Part 1 of 2)

    Jul 18, 2018 · A very common steel type used in the automotive industry is high-strength, low-alloy steel (HSLA). Alloys are combined with medium carbon steel to give the metal good load-carrying ability and reasonable formability. These mechanical properties make HSLA a good candidate for frame rails and other automotive structural parts that require strength.

  4. Stamping 101: Material guidelines -

    Jan 15, 2008 · Carbon is small enough to fit into the interstices of a primarily iron matrix, making it an "interstitial element" in steel. If the steel alloy has an ultralow carbon level (typically less than 50 parts per million), most of these gaps will not be occupied and, as such, can be called interstitial-free (IF) steel.

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    grey Iron casting parts, ductile iron casting parts, steel casting parts, aluminum casting parts, steel forging parts, steel stamping parts, steel machining parts, steel machined parts, iron beam clamp, electric power tools, stamped parts, stamped door skins, fabricated parts, metal components, small agricultural machinery, manhole cover, beam clamp, electricity power fittings, brazed plate stamping steel alloy parts

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    Precision Metal Stamping. At HPL, 83 punch presses ranging from 18 tons to 215 tons & CNC equipment are used in conjunction with special universal units, holders & fixtures to manufacture custom metal stampings.Parts of any shape can be blanked, pierced, formed, stenciled, drawn & extruded using HPL's special stamping methods.

  7. R&D Update: Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for ...

    Hot-stamped parts are being used increasingly in cars in Europe and North America. Ultrahigh-strength steels, like boron alloys, which meet automotive safety and crash requirements, are difficut to form with cold stamping, so hot stamping with die quenching has been applied.

  8. R&D Update: Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for ...

    Jan 18, 2007 · This scaling during hot stamping can be avoided by using an aluminum-silicon surface coating. For example, Usibor, a 1500P fine-grain alloy developed by Arcelor, has homogeneously distributed ferritic-pearlitic microstructure. This precoated boron steel has an aluminum-silicon-based layer that is between 23 µm and 32 µm thick. 1,2

  9. Die Science: Stamping aluminum -

    Sep 11, 2007 · It doesn't behave like steel, it doesn't flow like steel, and it certainly doesn't stretch like steel. stamping steel alloy parts Stamped parts to be made from aluminum must be designed so that the part shape forces the metal to distribute stretch more evenly. stamping steel alloy parts STAMPING Journal is the only industrial publication dedicated solely to serving the needs of the metal stamping steel alloy parts

  10. Henan Metals & Minerals I/E Co.,Ltd.

    Henan Metal & Minerals I/E Co., Ltd. was established in 1956 and was organized 5 times since its founding,we developed into a large-sized joint-stock company integrated with OEM mechanical parts,metal casting and machinery parts processing.Our company is located in the famous casting and machinery manufacturing city - Zhengzhou, China.After stamping steel alloy parts

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  12. Metal Stamping Design Guidelines - Larson Tool

    stamping and forming. However, price and availability can vary greatly and affect the cost and delivery of production metal stampings. There are factors that should be considered when selecting an alloy and specifying physical characteristics of that material. Tolerancing Most common steel grades are offered in standard gage thicknesses

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    Stamping Design Guidelines Jonathan Zhang 1 Stamping Design Guidelines stamping steel alloy parts The non-common alloys will be custom-produced by the steel mills, and they will only be available in the large quantities. It is possible to find someone who is using the material stamping steel alloy parts making precision parts.

  14. Stamped Metal Parts, Automotive, Electrical, Government

    Products & Industries. Watch Our Company Overview Video. Bahrs Die & Stamping Company, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision metal stamping dies and stamped metal parts. Our customers come from a wide variety of Industries and Products requiring complex components.

  15. steel number stamps

    HimaPro 1/4 Inch 6mm Letter and Number Stamp Set 36pcs 40Cr Alloy Steel Metal Stamp Number & Letter Punch Set in a Wooden case. 3.4 out of 5 stars 23. $26.97 $ 26. 97. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Young Bros 03091 9 Piece Machine Made Stamp Figure Set, Steel

  16. New Hampshire Stamping Company, Goffstown, NH

    We have the ability to stamp most materials including heat-resistant abrasive alloys, ferrous or non-ferrous alloys, and countless exotic metals. With over 25 years in the Metal Stamping industry, we specialize in high precision cost-effective solutions to exact tolerances.

  17. Custom Metal Stamping - Keats Manufacturing

    Custom Metal Stamping FAQ What is metal stamping? Metal stamping is the manufacturing process in which a strip of sheet metal is fed through one or more die and tool sets to apply pressure, re-forming and cutting the piece into a desired shape.

  18. Aluminum Stamping - Stamped Aluminum Parts, Pacific

    Stamping Aluminum Grades. Aluminum is a silvery-white metal that has comparable strength to carbon steel but at roughly one-third the density. This alloy is very ductile and malleable making it ideal for precision stamping processes. Aluminum stamping can also be anodized to enhance surface hardness and corrosion resistance in challenging stamping steel alloy parts

  19. Metal stamping parts manufacturer in China, OEM/ODM

    5.3 Blackening of metal stamping parts. The surface of steel stamping parts blackening treatment (or called blue), the principle is to quickly oxidize the surface of stamping parts, forming a dense oxidation film protection layer, improve the rust resistance of steel parts.

  20. Non-standard Sheet Metal Parts

    A professional manufacturer of non-standard sheet metal parts. Stamping, punching, bending, riveting, welding and laser cutting services for sheet metal are available. Products are widely used in: automotive, construction, railway, steel structure, instrumentation, mechanical equipment and Medical equipment

  21. Hand Stamp Sets - Identification Products - Grainger ...

    Permanently mark components, tools, locks and various metals with a steel stamp. Grainger offers a large selection of stamp sets for use in handheld hammer-struck applications. You'll find numbers, letters, symbols, specialty locksmith and reversed hand stamps.

  22. Copper Alloy for stamping China custom steel parts ...

    Copper Alloy for stamping China custom steel parts, Zechin Industries

  23. Deep Drawn Brass & Steel - Progressive Metal Forming

    Material thickness can range from .003 inches to .150 inches. Some of the materials we form include are 300 Stainless Steel, 400 Stainless Steel, Incoloy, Nickel Alloys, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel. 65% of the parts we manufacture are in deep drawn stainless steel.

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    Taiwan OEM carbon steel/alloy steel metal stamping parts-front plate-Find Details about oem precision parts, oem parts, custom parts, oem components, assembly, metal stamping parts, sheet metal, Metal Stamping Tools, riveting, serial precision stamping from Taiwan Stamping Parts supplier-UNITEDPARTS SUPPLIES CO., LTD.

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    1. Professional in stamping parts with the different materials: In both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and bronze alloy). 2. All kinds of surface treatments are available: Polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, power coating, phosphate coating. 3.

  26. What is Metal Stamping? A Guide to Processes, Steps and ...

    Metal stamping die used for automotive parts. Image credit: DRN Studio/ Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that makes use of dies and stamping presses to transform sheet metal into different shapes. Pieces of flat sheet metal, typically referred to as blanks, is fed into a stamping steel alloy parts

  27. Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel For Metal Stamping

    At Thomas Engineering Company, were able to process virtually every metal for our precision stamped parts. From the delicate copper parts we fabricate for the electronics industry to the resistant stainless steel parts we manufacture for the automotive industry, TEC uses a wide range of metals and metal alloys.

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    Specializing in progressive die stamping for small electronic parts, Ultra Stamping and Assembly, Inc. provides high speed, high precision, custom metal stampings for a wide range of applications, and produces an equally large number of stamping products. Regardless of the size, shape, or complexity of your stamping, we can meet your needs accurately and consistently.

  29. Custom Metal Stamping Products / Stamped Metal Parts

    Oct 09, 2019 · High-volume, low-cost custom metal stamping company producing millions of steel, stainless and aluminum custom stamped metal parts / products each year.

  30. Deep drawing - Wikipedia

    Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. It is thus a shape transformation process with material retention. The process is considered "deep" drawing when the depth of

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    China Car Stamping Parts Copper Bronze Alloy Carbon Steel Sheet Metal, Find details about China Auto Parts, Bending Stamping Part from Car Stamping Parts Copper Bronze Alloy Carbon Steel Sheet Metal - Hehua Machinery Technology (Kun Shan) Co., Ltd.

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