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Cameraman Studio / EFP

8hrs (equipment not provided)

300€ htva

Cameraman News / ENG

8hrs (on shoulder/on location shooting)

350€ htva

Lighting Cameraman (Interviews, etc...)

8hrs (on location shooting with lighting management)

400€ htva

Director of Photography

8hrs (lighting art creation for CM/Shorts/Clips...)

quotation on request




Sound Engineer ENG / Perchman

8hrs (on location, sound recorded on camera with max 2 microphone)

300€ htva

Sound Engineer Studio / Film

8hrs (creative sound job with more than 3 mics and professionaly recorded on sepatate recorder)

400€ htva




extra hours per technician


58€ hour/pers htva













Camera Sony FS7 + zoom 28-135mm

For documentaries & Indie Films

450€ htva

Camera Sony FS5 + zoom 18-105mm

Small sister of the FS7

380€ htva

Camera Canon C300 + lenses

Not trendy anymore but still a reference for docs


Camera Sony PMW-300/350 EXXDCAM + zoom 14x


For interviews/corporate/news record in 35Mbs & 50Mbs

380€ htva

Camera Sony PMW-200 XDCAM EX + zoom 14x (equivalent 30-440mm) + zoom remote

Best quality value for interviews/corporate/news. Recording in 35Mbs & 50Mbs

280€ htva

Camera Panasonic GH4 + Lens 17mm Zuiko

DSLR for drones or video shot as b-roll or still RAW

180€ htva

Camera Sony Nex-5R + Zoom 16-50 + 70-210 + Wide angle 12mm + Lightweight Tripod

Compact DSLR for Still or b-roll video

120€ htva

Camera Gopro 3+ Black

Crash cam or b-roll in weird locations

50€ htva

Camera Gopro 3+ Black + Gimball stabilisator 3 axis

Great for video-clips /virtual visit / immersion

80€ htva




Monitor 7" SmallHD 702 Bright

Bright and sharp picture even outside. (2 batt and magic arm included)

80€ htva

Mc Book Pro + Card reader EXXDCAM

for card transfers & checkup

50€ htva

Extra Lens


quotation on request

Tripod Sachtler 18

Reference for stability and smooth pan

50€ htva

Slider 3' (1 meter) Kessler

Lightweight small travelling

125€ htva

One-man crew (parabolic slider)

Amazing effect for dynamic interviews

220€ htva




Sound Kit

Mixer, boom and standard mics

50€ htva

Wireless unit Microphones

Lavallier wireless mic

50€ htva

Audio Recorder Aaton Cantar

the "Rolls Royce" of audio recorder

quotation on request

Audio Recorder MP4

portable handeld recorder with stereo mics

50€ htva




Light Kit "Interview"

Lite panel + soft Fluo 4PLL + Fresnel Arri

100€ htva

Lite Panel on batterie

3 hours batteries on a dimable 3200/5600 1" panel

70€ htva

Green Screen Kit

6' x 8' (1,8 x 2,4m) + 2 open face light sources

100€ htva

other light sources, gears

HMI, KinoFlo, Lite Panels, Ddedolight, Octodome HMI, Redheads, etc...

quotation on request

Mini Lite Panel on batterie for camera

Dimable 3200/5600 7" Soft LED panel mounted on camera (2batt & charger included)

30€ htva








Cameraman + Sound engineer + Vehicle

Camcorder PMW-200 + Tripod + Monitoring + Sound + Light Kit + Macbook + Wireless mics

1380€ htva


Cameraman + sound engineer + Vehicle

Camcorder PMW-200 + Tripod + Sound Boom Kit


980€ htva


2 hours

Cameraman 2 hours on location + Camera PMW-200 + Tripod.

Extra hours apply when requested after 10 minutes Overtime at 58€/hour.

Expect time for card transfer after shooting.

280€ htva

extra hours / overtime

per technician

58€ /hour/pers htva

optional other services

When rented with crew, we can provide upon request addidtionnals services such as

Makup artist


Line director

B-roll cameraman

Extra Vehicle

Pickup / Drop service at hotel or airport

Minibus 8 pers + driver

Executive production


Ask us for specific request

quotation on request

Extras to be charged if applicable:

Lunch, Parking, Highway fee, accomodation,...















Daily Package DJI S1000 GH4 + 2 Technicians

8h max travelling time included - 1 pilot + 1 camera operator

1280€ htva




Basic Package: 2 hrs DJI S1000 GH4 + 2 Technicians

start at the meeting time on location - includes 2 flight of approx 15 min each

480€ htva

Additionnal hour

includes 1 or 2 additional flight of approx 15 min each

240€ htva


Job ends when crew is leaving the location



Attention: expect time for location hunt before shoot and card transfer after shooting



Engaged hours more than 10 min is considered as a plain extra hour





New 2017 - : Mavic Package (news-corporate-events)

1/2 day (4h travel time included) with 1 operator

360€ htva

Additionnal hour


90€ htva




Transportation fee

per vehicle

0,5€/Km - ask us for estimation

Extras to be charged if applicable:

Lunch, Parking, Highway fee, accomodation,...

Meals for the crew (lunch/dinner)


Highway fee


Other transport expenses



Insurances (not optional)

Insurance covers damages to third part

7% of the total of the invoice










VAT 21% not included



VAT is not applicable in some case, please ask us.















quotation upon request